Thursday, November 19, 2009

'Round the halfway mark of the trip.

I think I understand why Shenku's book is titled the "art" of Shenku, or the art of traveling. Travelling can be done with style and grace, or, it can be done awkwardly with very different results. I like to think that Jo and I are more of the former style. Yikes, lot's of Yankee's seam to adopt the later. Sorry fellow country folk, but, it's true.....

Jo is on the mend, she got out for a big swim with Steffan today, I got a great climb in on the 1, 2, 3 wall before it started downpouring this afternoon. So fun, pulling over tufa's, stalagtite's of the wildest shape and size. This place has a very dreamlike geography. I feel so lucky to be here enjoying it.

I have been able to onsight 6a+ pretty regularly over the past two days, I need a bit of courage to bump the grade.

Comments people, I need them for motivation! Don't hold back!

Here's some photos from the last few days:

Sunset as viewed from West Railay last night.

We learn basic Thai from our housekeeper Sau everyday, while we help her continue her understanding of english, which is quite good. She's learning to write english too, amazing memory.

English Rob enjoying the excellent 6a+, "Dr. Jeckell & Mrs. Hyde" at the 1, 2, 3 wall. I led it clean after the super bouldery start that I needed to take on. This would be a very powerful climb to red or pink point. Crux is at the first bolt.

Is this blog worthwhile for anyone? Is anyone reading it? What would you like more of? Thanks in advance!


MTPhoto said...

Hello over there!
How terrible that you had gotten so sick! Thankfully, like you said, you have a wonderful, beautiful doctor lady to take care of you.
Tell more about what you mean about the traveling with grace... And, I think that theory can be applied to living life! (If you stop to think about it) It seems that life is all about perception...
So far my fav. photo is of the boat ends with reggae rags. Such a beautiful, simple image with great natural light. I felt like I was there. Wish I was!
Work work work here. I am so thankful to have a job!
If you pace yourself and just relax a little, I am sure you will fulfill all your goals. After you feel a bit better I'm sure your head will get in it!
Take care you two!

Grant Copenhaver said...

Totally enjoying the blog G. Keep it up. I can't think of much that could be added. Maybe a bit more about your are you getting around? other travelers? food? is eastern fusion music and psychedelic Buddha t-shirts all the rave?

My experience doing the blog thing has been that it gets harder the longer you stay in one place. You certainly pick up a routine after a while and to the writer it seems monotonous writing from the same place. However, to people on the other end, your routine and life in a foreign place is quite exciting. That was my Ghana experience. For the writer, it is more enjoyable to share new experiences that are hot off the press, so to say. My India experience...moving around every couple of days and flooding the senses over and over, made sharing the experience much more enjoyable. So those are words from the unwise. Long story short, keep it up, stories from paradise are key to our sanity here in snowless Montana.

I dig the comment about travelling with grace, so true. I think it comes naturally for you and Jo though since you guys tend to live life with grace and style.

Where are the majority of other travelers froom? Israel? Australia? UK?

By the way, what is a 6a+? I am assuming this isn't a Yosemite rating.

What are your plans for the last half of this journey? Are you guys going to travel around the country a biit more?

Sorry about the long comment.

All the best!

RStrong said...

I am sure your travels have been executed with style and grace! I have been witness to the latter and don’t think you and Jo could pull it off if you tried! I am enjoying your Blog, and am so happy to know that you two are having a beautiful time! I am also happy to hear that you both are felling healthier! Hope that you stay that way for the remainder of the trip! I have been out east visiting Maria for the last little bit and will be out here for another week. We are planning on climbing together today or tomorrow at the gym. It will be my third time back in the vertical world. I led a 5.7 in AF a week ago in Alpine boots, feels great to be back on rocks. Hope that you continue to pull hard and push the grad! I am sure that the rock is magnificent! Take a few victory whips and then just F’ing Giver! I hope the second half of your trip is phenomenal! Much love!