Thursday, November 5, 2009

Welcome to Bangkok!

Woah! We arrived in Bangkok around midnight local time, which is 15 hours ahead of Mountain time. We decided to go "adventure" style, and didn't book anything in advance. We managed to get our visa's, a taxi to Rambutri, and a guesthouse. Our friend Anna recommended the Four Sons, and low & behold, we found it! 450 baht per night gets us a decent little room, with a shower over the toilet. We had two tiger beer each, and went to bed somewhere around 3 am local time.

First lesson, don't use the towels provided. They've got bugs in 'em, and the bugs bite! I'm greatful we decided to bring the 'lil travel towels.

Our original plan was to rush to Krabi town via the overnight train, but, we've decided to hang out in Bangkok today, and leave tomorrow night. This place looks like it has so much to explore! Today's agenda includes visiting a temple, a Thai market, and hopefully a real Thai dinner somewhere. I'm looking forward to leaving the Tourist ghetto that is the Khoa san road area.

That's all for now, I'll start posting photos soon!


THAILAND said...

If you get a chance go to Chinatown! The food is amazing there... Let me know if you make it to Chiang Mai I will guide you to some amazing places to eat.



Grant Copenhaver said...

Right on G and J! Glad to hear you guys have made it safe and sound. Looking forward to sharing this adventure with you.

Grant Helgeson said...

Hey Travis!

We were in the Chinatown area, but, did not eat there. Crazy place though! We won't be in the North on this trip, we've finally reached Ao Nang after a few days in Bangkok, and then a wild journey via train, bus, and taxi, soon to be followed by long tail boat... Did you make it to Railay on your trip?

Grant Helgeson said...

Thanks G, we've been thinking of you!

THAILAND said...

No I didn't make it Railay. I spent 4 days in Bangkok ( all by myself!) crazy stuff there. Then I spent the next 2 weeks in Chiang Mai. I never went South. I will be going to Singapore and Malaysia in January. Love your blog and following you two on this incredible journey. You two picked a great country to visit!