Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Heading back North to Bangkok

Hey all,

Thanks so much for the great comments! Good motivation. For the last week or so, we've totally checked out of the electronic world and it felt great, so I haven't posted for a bit.

We've got some great images, but, we leave Railay for Bangkok in one and a half hours and we've got a few things to do, so, I won't be able to get any up at the moment.

Longtail boat, to Swathang (open air truck) to Bus, to overnight train to taxi should get us to some decent accommodation in Bangkok. We hope to hit up the infamous Chattara (sp?) weekend market, see another temple or two, get a traditional Thai massage and maybe even China town before we leave in a few days.

Thanks so much for following along! Chok de Kap!


RStrong said...

Have a great trip north. I can't believe that Bangkok has a China town! Have a blast and look forward to the photos! Peace.

Grant Helgeson said...

Indeed Ryan. There is a large decorative gate given to Thailand by China at one of the entrances. The inscription reads: "Like a fine porcelain plate, a relationship is worth more with time." I thought that was pretty cool.

Jim said...

Congratulations on an awesome trip and a safe return to western syphilization.

I've enjoyed following your adventures vicariously!

Talk to y'all soon.