Monday, April 18, 2011

Woah, Greece.

I'm in an internet cafe surrounded by chain smoking teenagers who are screaming and playing some type of crazy role playing game, so this is going to be quick. For better or worse, there isn't much in the way of internet access here....

City of Athens & The Acropolys @ sunset.

It's been an adventure since we first touched down in the airport. This kind of holiday is far from "packaged" so, just figuring out which train to get on to get downtown is a process. We figured it out, and got ourselves situated in our hotel around 9:00 pm Athens time after 30 hours or so on the go. We were beat, but managed to make it out for a great dinner that evening.

Approaching the Pantheon.

The Acropolyis as viewed from our hotel room balcony.

The next day was full of exploring, visiting the new & wondeful Acropolis museum & more amazing meals. Athens is a vibrant city full of energetic people! As an "Merican, I spent a lot of time studying Greek History/Culture in school, so it was so cool to finally see & experience places like the Pantheon. We're well settled down in Kalymnos now, and there are so many stories & experiences that I'd like to share, but, the infrastructure just won't allow for it.... Caio for now-


Krista said...

Glad to see a blog post up here again!
Happy & Safe travels guys! :)

Grant Helgeson said...

Thanks Krista! When do you return to MT? We'd love to cross paths with you when we pass through....